CBD is short for cannabidiol, and CBD is one of the many cannabinoids (naturally occurring compound) found in the hemp plant. THC, CBD, CBG and CBN are all examples of different cannabinoids that are found in the hemp/cannabis plant. They each have their own beneficial qualities, and CBD is one of the more well known cannabinoids because of its balancing effects, without the “high” effect like THC.

CBD may provide relief of chronic pains, as well as the potential management of mental disorders like anxiety and depression

CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system of our body. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that occur naturally in the human body, and actively interact with cannabinoid receptors located throughout the human body. When CBD binds to these receptors, it triggers various physiological actions that help to regulate your appetite, pain sensation, mood, and memory.

CBD from hemp is widely available across the USA. In 2018, updates to the U.S. Farm Bill legalized the commercial cultivation of hemp under specific FDA regulations.
No. All legal hemp extract products are made from industrial hemp with THC levels below 0.3%. There is no intoxicating effect from taking our products.
Higharchy CBD oil is sourced from USA-grown industrial hemp, and may contain trace THC levels below 0.3%. Higharchy does not guarantee that you will or will not pass a drug screen after consuming our products. It is possible that the trace THC content may show up on various drug screenings.

Common possible benefits may include: Pain relief, treat skin conditions such as acne, alleviate mood-related disorders and relieve anxiety and depression.

Although not designated by the FDA as a health product, numerous studies have shown CBD’s various health benefits. Please read our product descriptions to identify the best products for you and your situation. However, we do not make any specific health claims about our products. As with any supplement, please consult your physician before use.

It depends on how you want to take the CBD. We offer CBD in forms of gummies, bud flower to smoke, and oil tinctures. If you want a controlled dose of CBD we recommend gummies or our oil tinctures. If you are looking to inhale CBD we recommend one of our strains of CBD flower. 

Different strains can have different effects on you. The common types of strains are sativa, indica and a hybrid of both. Sativa is more commonly known as being a mood enhancing, energizing, and stimulating. Indicas are known for being relaxing, and calming. A hybrid brings together the best qualities of both into one. 

No, CBD will not get you high. Cannabinoids each have their own beneficial qualities, and CBD is one of the more well known cannabinoids because of its balancing effects, without the “high” effect like THC. It does not provide any psychoactive effects and will not get you high.

Although it is highly unlikely to show up on a drug test, we cannot guarantee that an individual will pass a drug test because of the trace elements that can be found in our products. If you expect to take a drug test, we recommend taking any CBD products that contain 0% THC. Higharchy’s Broad Spectrum CBD products have 0% THC.

Both the THC and CBD cannabinoids have an effect on the endocannabinoid system, a system that plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis in your body. THC is known to have psychoactive effects unlike CBD which does not have these effects.

Our CBD products contain <0.3% THC and do not have psychoactive effects. While using CBD, you can maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle.

CBD Isolate is strictly only the CBD cannabinoid isolated by itself and infused into the product. Full Spectrum products contain ALL of the cannabinoids, where Broad Spectrum products have taken an extra step to completely remove the THC cannabinoid. If you have a concern of passing a drug test, then CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum products are the way to go.

  • Start with the lowest recommended dose on the product. Increase slowly until you feel results.
  • General rule to take 0.5mg for every kilogram of bodyweight. Take weight in lbs, divide by 2.2, then multiply by 0.5. A 150lb person could work up to taking a 35 mg dose
  • If you aren’t finding optimal results, you could spread the dosing out throughout the day. Be sure to pay attention to how your body is reacting.
  • To “overdose” on CBD you would need to take 20,000mg. Also, it is not considered to be lethal if you do ingest this amount.

Delta-8-THC is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp with anti-nausea, appetite-stimulating, anti-anxiety, pain relieving, and neuroprotective properties. It is very similar to the “cousin” cannabinoid that is much more common, delta-9 THC. Delta-8-THC binds to your endocannabinoid systems in your body, which causes a release of dopamine in the brain, causing a sense of euphoria, relaxation, and relief of anxiety. The major difference between D-8 and D-9 THC is that Delta-8 THC has less psychotropic properties which means less of a paranoia, anxious, or dizzy effect. Delta-8 is a happy medium between CBD and Delta-9 THC. If you don’t want the full psychoactive ‘high’ of Delta-9 THC, but want a stronger effect then CBD, D8 is a great option. D8 is also considered legal, and will still have less than <0.3% of Delta-9 THC in it.

Yes, Delta-8 THC has psychoactive effects. However, the effects are known to be more mild than Delta-9 THC (Common marijuana). Delta-8 is said to have less paranoia, anxiousness and dizziness that is associated with Delta-9. The possible effects of Delta-8 are euphoria, relaxation and anxiety relief.

CBD that is extracted from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC is legal at the federal level with the passage of the Farm Bill in late 2018. Each state also has its own law regarding the legality of CBD and therefore the legality of CBD products can vary from state to state.

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