250mg Full Spectrum Bacon Drops for Pets (pet friendly)

250mg Full Spectrum Bacon Drops for Pets (pet friendly)

Higharchy’s Bacon Drops are  the solution you’ve been looking for to comfort your pet!  Whether your furry friend has pain, trouble sleeping, or separation anxiety, our Bacon Drops are made to ease their stresses.



  • Bacon Flavored
  • Pet Friendly
  • 8mg per serving
  • Full Spectrum

Just like the rest of Higharchy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil, our Bacon Drops are made using American grown hemp. This product contains 8mg per Dropper, which is the perfect amount to comfort our Furriends! (Serving size is based on weight) Apply the CBD tincture drops directly into your pet’s mouth or drop on your pet’s favorite food or snack. Quick absorption into the body helps provide immediate results.


Recommended Dosages:


CBD dosage is dependent on body weight and the type of condition which you are using it for.


We generally recommend between 0.25 mg (Regular Dose) to 0.5 mg (Strong Dose) of CBD per every 1 lb of bodyweight.

One dropper full contains 8mg.

  • Example 1: I want to give my 32 lb dog a Regular Dose, I would multiply his weight by 0.25 to get 8mg of CBD (32 X 0.25 = 8).
  • Example 2: I want to give my 20 lb dog a Strong Dose, I would multiply his weight by 0.5 to get 10mg of CBD (20 lbs X 0.5 = 10mg).


REGULAR Dose: Daily health and wellness, stimulate appetite, support in old age, allergies, boost immune function, minor skin conditions, minor stress & anxiety, digestive issues & nausea, moderate arthritis & joint inflammation, minor aches, and pains.

STRONG Dose: Severe arthritis & joint inflammation, mobility issues, epileptic seizures, cancer-related symptoms,Chronic pain, severe anxiety, extreme nausea, and vomiting.

Dosing Frequency: To help with pain and inflammation, give every 8 hours or as needed. To help with anxiety, give 30 minutes before the event (thunderstorm, fireworks, leaving the home, separation, traveling with your pet). For all other uses give once to twice a day.


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