7g Special Sauce Flower (18% CBD)

7g Special Sauce Flower (18% CBD)

Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is best used for calming stress-related issues from daily life and for promoting relaxation, and overall is a great strain for overthinkers with anxiety-related problems.


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Our Special Sauce CBD Flower is a personal favorite amongst the Higharchy staff. The hemp strain is an incredibly potent flower with a berry sweetness scent and earthy-green undertones perfect for inducing calmness and promoting bliss. Ranking among the hemp strains with the most CBD, Special Sauce lives up to its name by expressing massive quantities of cannabidiol (CBD) and terpene content.

This strain is commonly reported to enhance creativity and cerebral stimulation, along with deep physical and mental relaxation. The combination of high CBD content and terpene expression makes Special Sauce a particularly powerful mood booster.



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